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HELP..MY Month old Samsung NOt Charging sometimes


HELP..MY Month old Samsung NOt Charging sometimes

I just bought a SIII not even a month ago...Well today I notice the phone battery died all the way..I tried to charge it up with charger in car just would buzz every twenty seconds or so..but no sign the battery was charger....I went into house ..and hook up to wall charger ..same thing just buzz i just unplugged the charger and turned the phone on..when it was on ..i plugged the phone back up and it appears to be charging now.....It use to charge when the phone was the phone defective ..should i take it in...or is this a known issue if the phone is completely dead it doesnt charge while off ...


Re: HELP..MY Month old Samsung NOt Charging sometimes

Hi arubitexas,

Thanks for your Community post regarding your device charging issues. The device will usually charge while it ios powered off, and the LED light will indicate the charger is connected. In the event you are experiencing issues with the device charging, I would suggest taking it to your nearest Sprint S&R center and have technician triage the device. This will ensure if there is defects with your device. If you decide to take it into a store please, make sure you take your charger, the device, and of course the battery. Taking all the components will also help to determine if any other accessories are defective. Please keep me posted on the outcome.

Thanks for your time.

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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