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Have a Question Regarding Phone Calls


Have a Question Regarding Phone Calls

I still haven't figured out how to click over without hanging up if someone is calling me on the other line. For instance, I'll be on the phone with someone and then someone else calls me.. so I click on swap to answer that other phone call, but once I try to hang up on that person, it ends up hanging the other person up I was on the phone with initially. I looked at te Get Started guide too, and haven't found anything on this. Does anyone know a solution???

Thanks in advance.


Re: Have a Question Regarding Phone Calls

To respond to an incoming call while you’re on a call: 1. Slide(phone icon) to the right. (This puts the first caller on hold and answers the second call)

Visit this page to get detailed userguide from Samsung for S3

Hope this helps


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