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I am receiving duplicate messages on my Galaxy S 3 (Galaxy S III)


I am receiving duplicate messages on my Galaxy S 3 (Galaxy S III)

I have been recieving duplicates of the same message from almost everyone I text and it doesn't stop! I am using the service that is in Virginia Beach, VA. It seems to happen mostly with people who have iPhones, and I will sometimes recieve up to 8 of the same messages at about 20 minute intervals. It is also happening with someone who is sending messages to me from their Epic 4G Touch, who also has sprint. These people also are not recieving my messages sometimes as well. I have tried updating all the profile setting, etc. I have also tried a soft reset to no avail. I think it is a network problem, but I was wondering if there is any way to fix it or if there is confirmation of something that is wrong with the network in my area. Thanks.


Re: I am receiving duplicate messages on my Galaxy S 3 (Galaxy S III)


I'm not receiving duplicate text messages, but I am receiving duplicate voicemails. I wonder if whatever issue there is affects both texting and voicemail.

I don't know when the duplicate messages started, but I have a few saved voicemail messages and everything since Feb. 4 is duplicated. The interesting thing is though, The first message is the voicemail and the second one shows up as 00:00. In my voicemail list, it looks like this:





I called Sprint and they first said, well we can reset the voicemail, but you will lose all your messages.   They then said that there is supposedly a problem with the network that runs the text and voicemail.

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