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Issues/Help/Suggestions for SG3. (:


Issues/Help/Suggestions for SG3. (:

-- I saw some girl leave a review saying she could simply say, "shoot" or "cheese" and her GS3 would take a snapshot. I can't find this setting anywhere and I find it difficult to take self-portraits with no external camera button so this ^^ would be really helpful. Does anyone know how to change this?

-- With the Handcent App installed, I'm no longer able to use the message > call function (by putting the phone to your ear and having it automatically call that person). If anyone knows how to fix that, that would be so awesome. Haha.

-- What are some apps you guys consider "bloatware"? I'm really just a texter, tweeter, facebooker, tumblr kind of girl. lol. So outside of those things...I'm not using too many pre-installed apps.

EDIT: -- I forgot to add that my pictures won't send. Ever. What's the deal?

-- OTHERS: Feel free to add any questions or issues...we're all in the same boat.

Thanks. (:


Re: Issues/Help/Suggestions for SG3. (:

For the snapshots:

Go to Settings
Go to Language & Input
Slide Voice cmd for apps to "ON" (Edit: Also if you touch the text "Voice Cmd For Apps" with the description, it will show you which apps uses the voice command.)

Open S Voice
In S Voice say "Open Camera "  Then say "Snap" or "Shoot". "Cheese" doesn't work on mine but the other two do.

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