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Issues with New Update 4.3


Issues with New Update 4.3

1. Every time I hit the "share" icon in the gallery, it gives me the "Sorry, gallery has stopped". Now I can't send pics any other way than text message.

2. I have delays and lags in phone reaction time especially from when it's been sleep.

3. It randomly opens play store

4. It also always pops up to "enable location". There is no option on that notification that says, don't alert me again? I don't know why it pops up all the time. I've hit cancel several times.

5. Does anyone know how I can replace Google Hangouts with Google Talk? I truly do hate Google Hangouts, you lose so much autonomy. I don't want to see 1500 contacts, I want to only see people with gchat/google accounts or friends online unless I search for them. Does anyone know how to make that possible?

6. Also, i went out of country recently so my phone was on airplane mode. I only received about 6 messages when I returned. But I was told by multiple people that they tried to text me. Is this a regular thing, you aren't able to retrieve text messages when you turn your phone back on? Is there a way to retrieve old messages, never received? (This may be a Sprint Issue, more than 4.3)

Other general issues

1. The text notifications are bulky and unnecessary. You also lost the ability to only display the name if you pull down the task bar, now it displays the whole message even on the front of the lock screen, unless you don't display in which there's a bulky white box that reads "msg, from msger" which is right out stupid.

2. The shrunken pattern screen makes it a bit more difficult to put in your code.

Good Points about it

1. Group messaging, after a century they caught on.

2. Music player controls outside of the lock screen.

Any help with any of these problems would be much appreciated.


Re: Issues with New Update 4.3

Did you update to the new software on top of your old version, or did you do it from a clean factory reset? A lot of problems are arising from people who updated it over the previous version. I was one of them. I had a whole slew of problems. I'm tech savvyish so this saved me. Backup all important things you have on your device and do a factory reset. Then when it loads up to a fresh system, the update may still be applied or you may have to update but you should be fine after that!

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