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Kitkat causing problems, crashed phone. Help?


Kitkat causing problems, crashed phone. Help?


I have a Samsung S3 that I've used since August and it has worked wonderfully!  Sometimes it's a little laggy, but that's usually fixed by running a task killer.  Until I installed KitKat a few days ago. It became available and worked well on my husband's 3S, so I installed it.


Laggy touch screen, terrible haptic feedback, delays opening programs, and forget about swype text. I thought I'd wait until the inevitable first patch, but I was on the phone this afternoon when, as I tried to hang up, my phone gave up the ghost. I don't know if it was confused bc I was using a headset or what, but it froze completely. The touch screen was totally unresponsive and so was the HOME button, so I hit "power" to turn it off and back on again.

Well... it turned off the screen, but none of the power-down indicators occurred. Now it won't light the screen back up, turn on or off, and I'm hoping the headphone jack will keep it from ringing if I get a notification bc I'm about to head to a 3 hour class.

I would very much like my phone to work, as my husband just left for work for 2 months and I would love to talk to him at some point.

Anyone have any ideas? Helps? Hints? Pointing, laughing, and telling me I'm screwed?

Thanks in advance!



Re: Kitkat causing problems, crashed phone. Help?


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear of the issues that you have had with your phone. Have you taken your phone into a service center?

*Stephanie B
Sprint Social Care Team

Re: Kitkat causing problems, crashed phone. Help?

I would try a factory reset.  Yes it will blank your phone but it also clears update files and other junk from the updates and fixes some problems.  Most settings are saved on Google's and Samsung's servers and if you have them setup, Dropbox and/or Picassa.  Fully charge the phone and back up anything else you need to save.  If you can't get the phone to come one long enough to back up items, then a service center may be able to help. (May be able, big caveat in my experience.)

When ready, perform the reset by  pressing and holding the volume up, home and power buttons at the same time until in tiny blue font "Recovery Booting" comes up in the upper left corner. I can take up to 30 seconds to show up.  Release all the buttons when it does.

Once you see the Android system recovery screen, use the down volume to highlight wipe data/factory reset and select it by pressing the power button.

The reset will happen and the phone will reboot to just like it was out of the box. Login to your Google account to begin restoring your settings. Ditto any other service. Reboot after a while then go to the play store and re-install your apps.  I recommend rebooting after re-installing your apps.

Hope this helps and your phone recovers!

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