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LTE is up and running in KC


LTE is up and running in KC

Just this evening I found that Sprint enabled the LTE towers. Yeah, I'm a few days late.

Anyway, I am about frustrated at Sprint because, since my first 4G phone, I never had 4G at my house because it sits below grade from the nearest tower 1 mile away. Now I have the fancy SGS3 and can't get on the LTE tower from home for the same reason. I talked to a Sprint tech and they were supposed to see why I couldn't get the signal at my house and never heard anything back. Besides that, my 3G signal is bad at my house also. Max signal is 3 bars with most of the house at 1 or 2 bars of very weak signal.


Re: LTE is up and running in KC

I live in KCMO not to far from KCI airport.  I only know of a couple places in KC that are getting LTE,  one being Independence, MO and OP, KS.  Are you in one of these areas?  I wish sprint would turn all of KC on or at least what their coverage maps show. From what I have heard and read is that KC is only about 25 to 30% up and running.  My LTE phone has been sitting in my desk for a while now while I have been using my old evo 4g because I get good wimax 4g here and I can't handle Sprints SLOW 3g.

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