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More problems after the 4.3 upgrade


More problems after the 4.3 upgrade

When one problem is solved, another one appears.  I haven't seen this problem and wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.

After the dreadful 4.3 update I was having many problems.  I was able to get most of them fixed, but still like so many of us had Bluetooth connectivity problems.  My phone would connect to BT devices, but they would not function properly.  On a hunch, I did however, find an app that was not compatible with the upgrade and deleted it from my phone.  Once I took this app off my phone, the BT started working properly again.  Voice and music would not come thru the BT device and not out the ear piece of the phone.  After resetting my phone, and thinking everything was fine, I went to reinstall another app that I deleted.  I opened up Google Play store and went to install the app.  I got an error code.  I also tried to update an app that needed an update and again this error code appeared.  Regardless of a download or update, my Google Plat store gives me an error code.  The code reads as follows.  "Error retrieving information from the server. [RPC:S-3]".  Has anyone else seen this error code and if so, what did you do?  I have talked to Samsung and Google tech support and have had no luck.  BTW, if anyone is interested how I solved my BT problem, I deleted an app that was a "personal assistant" but now I have this other problem.



i appreciate your responses to my problems. 

unfortunately, my first response never got posted and is lost somewhere in cyberspace.  And I am by no means going to resend everything.

however, i do not think you fully understand my complaint.  I am not complaining that the battery life on androids suck, which for the record they do by comparison, but I am complaining that the battery life has gotten significantly worse since the JB 4.3 upgrade with EVERYTHING else being the same.  Same apps, same settings same everything.  I do not want to be told that I have to tweak my phone just so it can almost get back to the battery life it once had before the upgrade.  I am not a heavy user of my phone.  I don't do social media and I have my phone settings set so that it has minimal drain.  Yet, with everything being equal, I still cannot come close to the battery life I once had.

i am still waiting for the fix to JB 4.3 to come, but with the new buy out your contract from TMobile, leaving Sprint sounds better and better each day.

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