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Moving photos from internal storage to SD card.........?

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Moving photos from internal storage to SD card.........?

I have been getting the "system storage space running low" message when I try to download apps and even sync my Gmail. I didn't have a sd card before and now I have one. I copied my videos and photos on to the SD card (16 GB). My question is, If I now delete my photos and videos from my internal storage on my phone, If I wanted to send an old photo from my phone would they show up in my gallery? I don't know if deleting them from my photo even though they are stored on the SD card, will I be able to view them still. I have included a screenshot of my phone shows. Thanks for any help and suggestions.



Re: Moving photos from internal storage to SD card.........?


Something to try:

1.) Open the My Files application.

2.) Within the My Files browser, press the Menu button and select Settings within the resulting menu.

3.) Within the Settings menu, you should have the option to reassign the Image and Video directories (to /storage/extSdCard/DCIM/... or some such thing, based on your directories). Use those options to navigate to the folder(s) you will now employ on the SD card. (If you don't want to change where your default Image and Video files are stored, I believe you should still see SD card images/video in the Gallery...)

4.) Open the gallery and find an image/video that you copied to the SD card. (If you performed the COPY action, instead of MOVE, for the files/directories, you may see duplicates.) Long-press an image/video to select it (checkbox will appear in the upper-right corner), then press the Menu button. Select Details within the resulting menu. Within the "details" pop-up info, verify that your Gallery-referenced image/video has a file path that correctly points to the SD card.

If all your Gallery images/video evidently have paths that correctly point to the SD card, it should be safe to delete the originals in the internal/emulated directory. For future reference, it may be more convenient/efficient to use the MOVE [file/directory] operation, rather than COPY. Lastly, bear in mind that, overall, SD card memory may be less reliable than the phone's on-board storage. Be sure to back-up your media occasionally, to insure yourself against SD card corruption. (I noted some corrupted music files on my card recently )

I used the above operations to move my photos to internal/emulated storage -- for privacy, in case someone were to steal my phone and pull my SD card. I leave non-private videos on the SD card, given their storage-consuming nature.

Message was edited by: distantlogic. Added caveat about potential unreliability of SD card memory.


Re: Moving photos from internal storage to SD card.........?

Thanks for the reply, I have already copied my photos and videos onto my sd card, my question was if I now delete my videos and pictures on my phone storage to free up space, Will I still be able to go back to my gallery and view the pictures? (After deleting them off of the phone internal storage)


Re: Moving photos from internal storage to SD card.........?

Your question is essentially answered in "4", above. Shorter answer: yes.


Re: Moving photos from internal storage to SD card.........?


   Thank you for reaching out on Sprint Community. I see you have recieved assistance. Sorry for the delay however, In the future Your device pictures on the SD card should show up on the device under SD in the gallery. Howver if you are uncertain before you delete your pictures you can take the device into a service and repair location for further assistance and they'd be happy to either do it for you or walk you through it and show you. Let us know if you have any further questions. 


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