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My Battery SUCKS!!!!!


My Battery SUCKS!!!!!

I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 last year and was excited because I was told that the battery life would be better than my EVO - I got my phone last June.  Me and this phone have a love hate relationship because of the battery.  I leave the house at 7:30 and it is on 100% when I get to work it is already on 90% and I haven't even made a phone call.  The phone gets extremely hot and I hate it.  I took a BUS trip this weekend to TN from DC - OMG the phone died before we got out of VA.  I need them to do something about this stupid battery life - this is freakin' ridiculous.


Re: My Battery SUCKS!!!!!

The biggest clue you pointed out is that your phone is getting very hot.  This a big flag that something on your phone is running a lot in the background and in doing so using a lot of data traffic.

Go to Settings -> Battery

You can get an idea of what might be running in the background.

When I have noticed my phone getting hot, if I can't figure out what is running in the background I power cycle the phone and normally that clears up whatever was doing it.

Any additional information you can provide might help us key in on what is going on.


Re: My Battery SUCKS!!!!!

Hi Tmartin216,

Thanks for your post. I am sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your battery life. Have your visited your nearest Sprint S&R center just to have your device triaged to determine why the battery is draining so quickly? There a few tips to improve overall battery life; avoid using live wallpapers, dim the back light, close any applications that you aren't using, and also download a task manager or application destroyer.  If you decide to pay your nearest store a visit, it may located by visiting Please keep us posted on the outcome.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: My Battery SUCKS!!!!!

Thank you so much for responding - I have done these things and do them quite frequently.  But I did do something suggested too.  I had the Facebook Home Settings on my phone - that may have been eating up a lot of space - however the battery life sucked before that so I'm not sure what the problem was.  I am at 78% now it is 9 a.m. I took my phone off the charger at 7:00 a.m. this morning.  I made two calls and had my GPS system on and the app waze running.  When I hit the button at the bottom to see what is running I see:




.Easy Battery (just downloaded this because of the suggestion for battery savers)

.Play Store


.Music Player






I killed all of these - just now but I wanted to have them when I answered the reply - I know this is a long reply so please bare with me.  When I went into the Settings/Battery/ - It says that 77% Discharging and that Screen uses 53% of the battery life - this morning before I deleted the Facebook Homescreen it said 92% - Voice Calls 41% - Cell Standby 4%, Device Idle 3%, Waze 2%

I also noticed that even though I turn off my WiFi - it always comes back on without me doing anything.  Please help - I really do like my phone but I left my Evo because of battery life problems.  Oh and I did take it to the Sprint Store - a while ago they told me these Smartphones just use a lot of battery life - suggested that I either pay my $200.00 deductible for a new phone or buy a new battery but said that my battery was good.


Re: My Battery SUCKS!!!!!

After all the latest rounds of updates from Google, I noted my battery life took a huge hit. My phone would last throughout the day with moderate use. After the updates I wouldn't get past noon. Turns out that the new Google Play may have been the culprit. I've manually updated it to the latest version and battery life is back to normal. My normal anyway. Here's the article form  Download: Google Play Store 4.1.10 (Fixes battery drain)

Hope it helps you and anyone else having recent problems. Worked for me.

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