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My S3 is on the fritz...


My S3 is on the fritz...

My phone, a Samsung Galaxy s 3 is on the fritz. Don't know what's wrong with it. I changed the battery, tried to turn it on, and it goes through it's opening bit with the music and blurb for Sprint and Samsung, then goes to a black screen with the word Samsung in white letters, the two lights in the bottom corners light up, and it stays there, occasionally vibrating slightly. I think it's some kind of software issue, but I can't find a reset button that does anything. It won't shut off, just goes back through the start-up routine I described above, and stays on the black Samsung screen. If I take the battery out, it will shut off, and I've tried doing that and letting it sit for a while without power, but no effect. If anybody knows what to do, let me know.


Re: My S3 is on the fritz...

almost sounds like a boot loop. you might be able to boot up into safe mode to get fully into your phone. if youre able to do that you can then try to back everything up then do a factory reset on it. you might even try to do a cache/partition wipe on the device itself before jumping to the factory reset. you'll have to google how to do these though..for the life of me i cant remember the steps currently lol.

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