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NO QIK, Video Chat for GS3?


NO QIK, Video Chat for GS3?

NO QIK for GS3

Why is there no QIK application for the GS3?

What application do I use for video chatting with the GS3?

If I already use the QIK app on my EVO 4 G then why would they not have it on the GS3?

the QIK app shows up in the app store on my EVO 4 G but not in the app store on the GS3.

also some of the standard applications that came with the EVO 4 G didnt automatically come with the GS3 for example the Sprint TV app came with the EVO 4 G but not with the GS3; which we had to DL it , lucky it was free.

I wonder what other applications i'll realize that  I am missing when I need them?

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Re: NO QIK, Video Chat for GS3?

Video chat apps: Talk is already built into Android. Tango, Fring, Oovoo, Skype, Yahoo, and at least 10 others out there.

If I remember right, Skype bought Qik around 2011. Then Microsoft bought Skype. Haven't paid attention to Qik since it was beta, and then on the Evo.

I don't think you'll be missing anything else on your GS3 versus old Evo.

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