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New 4g


New 4g

I know this forum is mostly a stomping ground for things that are not working correctly or the way we would like them to, but I wanted to share positive news.  I've noticed some spotty 4g coverage in my city where there was none before.  So network upgrades are finally started to take place in the area I live.  Hopefully, this will give everyone else hope that your area will start to get 4g coverage.


Re: New 4g


Thank you very much for sharing your experiences w/ us. We really appreciate your input and time.

I can assure you we are working to not only fix it, but improve your overall customer experience in the area.

We appreciate your patience and can assure you that once things are complete, you will notice a marked improvement in the quality and speed of your Sprint services. Please feel free to go to for any updates.

Thank you,

George M.

Sprint Social Care Team

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