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Old notifications constantly reappearing since update


Old notifications constantly reappearing since update

I just did the latest update to Android 4.3, and my phone appears to be messed up now. It keeps giving me notifcations of HUNDREDS of past downloads, events, reminders, everything. When I clear the notifications out, it comes back within 2 minutes. This little bout of OCD it seems to be experiencing is draining the battery in the blink of an eye, I'm down to 32% after just 2 hours off the charger...not to mention when I have new notifications they just get lost in the sea of clutter from 2012 that's suddenly popping up. Any ideas?


Re: Old notifications constantly reappearing since update

Backup everything and do a hard reset. This should help dump the old stuff from the device. Good luck.


Re: Old notifications constantly reappearing since update


Thank you for your post and feedback. Please try the below steps and let us know if this corrects the problem for you

First, clear all items from the Download App History:
1. App Tray
3. Other Downloads
4. Clear Lists

If you continue to have the same problem clear the data from the Download App data from the Application Manager:

1. Settings
2. More Tab>Application Manager
3. All Tap
4. Download Manager
5. Clear Data

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