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Phone does not ring when receiving a incoming call


Phone does not ring when receiving a incoming call

Has anyone had a problem where your phone does not ring or even alert you when you are receiving a incoming call?  The person calling you hears ringtone and then the call goes to voice-mail as regular?


Re: Phone does not ring when receiving a incoming call

I've been having this problem since I got the phone on July 4th. Sprint has truly given me the run around. Now that they have lied to me and I am past my 14 day window (first they said two days, then they said a week, then another week....yes, I was that gullible), they will not cancel my contract. I actually spoke to a Gary in the cancellation department that told me that although I am not receiving service, I have to abide by my service agreement. In my mind, no service, means no service agreement.

If anyone has a solution let me know. Yes, I've already tried airplane mode, updating it, making sure the mute option (when set phone down) was not on, resetting factory settings, calling 800 Sprint 5 times (was on phone with them today for three hours), gone to local third party store that sold us phone, then was directed to sprint store in next town. This is riduculous.


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