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ReadyNow webinar featuring Samsung Galaxy S III a success – check out the replay if you missed the live event!



Thanks to everybody who joined us for our recent  ReadyNow webinar about the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Sprint Community members, customers and others all learned more about the innovative features of this phone as we  teamed up with Samsung to try a new approach to helping people become more familiar with everything their smartphones can do.

Participants pre-submitted questions through Twitter and then we took numerous additional questions related to the device during the broadcast. Some of the many questions we answered were:

•          “How do I access Jelly Bean again?”

•          “Can you show us how to wake up Galaxy?”

•          “Why do I need a Samsung account to share data with other devices?”

•          “Can you use Sbeam with people that don’t have a Galaxy S III device?”

•          “How do I tell what apps are running and how do I shut off background apps?”

If you were not able to join us for the live event, you still can watch a replay, which has been edited and close captioned.

Click here to watch.

Check it out and tell us what you think by completing the survey and sharing feedback here in Community!

As you can see if you watch the webinar, we were able to answer many questions and demonstrate a variety of things that Samsung Galaxy S III can do.

We promised to get back with answers to a couple of other questions. After gathering more information we now would like to share these responses.

•          What are the different colors associated with contacts?  If some of your contacts have a Google profile associated with it, the current status of that Google contact will appear in your Samsung Galaxy S III contact list:  red for Busy, green for Available, etc.  For example, Google Talk and Google Plus contact show current status.

•          How do I remove an email from my Outbox?  In some cases, if you have an email within your Outbox, you can open the email and go to Menu options or you can press and hold the email and use the options to delete the email.

We appreciate the feedback from participants who completed the survey at the end of the live event. Many of you found it helpful and said you enjoyed participating in the webinar.

From the ReadyNow program we offer in our stores for setting up and personalizing new devices to ReadyNow content and other helpful information we offer on the “Support” section of, we always are looking for the best ways to assist our customers.

If webinars such as the one we just did about Samsung Galaxy S III are helpful, we certainly would consider offering similar events in the future.

Please take a look at the replay and let us know if you liked it. What other topics would you like to see featured in other webinars?