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Recieving multiple replies to a group text...


Recieving multiple replies to a group text...

This has probably been asked, but I'm tired of searching for the thread. I received a group text at approximately 4:30 this morning from a dear friend. Didn't mind her texting me, however, the subsequent replies to her text were a bit much. Is there a way to keep from receiving a text from everyone she texted? Or is it up to each individual receiving the text to reply to sender only?



Re: Recieving multiple replies to a group text...


Thanks for your post and I can definitely understand the issues you're having as I too go through this often. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop the group from texting you as they will be bunched into the group and unless they are replying only to the individual that started the group chat on a new, personal text, it would go to the entire group. The only way to avoid this would be to block the individual group members from contacting you via text message. This runs right through the manufacturer's operating systems in terms of the text setup. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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