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SIM Card!


SIM Card!

My Gs2 died at 2 years old, only turned on when plugged in and turned off the second you unplugged it. Took to store, they said need new phone. Bought S3. It's 15 months old and now has identical problem. Identical. OK, no more S phones. Bought used Galaxy Note 3, just arrived. Requires SIM card. Looked high and low in S3 for SIM card and there isn't one, at least not anywhere accessible. Online research says Sprint (and ONLY Sprint) made the SIM card non-replaceable in the S3. I guess planned obsolescence and forced replacement is their business, but I think a brand new $600 phone should last longer than 15 months. So I have a useless S2, S3 and a Note 3 with no SIM card. Now what?


Hello wowzem,

The Note 3 has a removable SIM and it is not included in the box with the device. I would suggest that you go to a Sprint Corporate Store that has technicians on hand and request one but I cannot guarantee that they will have them. Please call ahead so that you won't waste your time or gas. You can also call our telesales or international department.

Thanks, Sharon Sprint Social Care
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