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Samsung Galaxy S III slow charge


Samsung Galaxy S III slow charge

Hello, new to post so I hope I am doing this right. Back in July I got my wife and I new S3 and all of a sudden my wife's galaxy 3 is acting weird such as its charging take over 4 hours to complete and it stop charging a few times during has anyone had this issue because I tired taking out the battery leaving it to rest and nothing this all just happened a few days ago. I feel like I need a new battery has anyone has this issue?


Re: Samsung Galaxy S III slow charge

have you switched out the charging cords and adapters to see if either of those may be the cause? more often than not one of those two are the culprit..faulty cord or the ac adapter itself..easy to test against seeing as how both of you have the same phone..if THAT doesnt make any difference then i would start to venture towards a possible battery issue or even to many thing running in the background for the phone to be able to keep up with.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S III slow charge


Thanks for reaching out to us, you did post correctly. I do apologize for the delay in a response. As fireguy_6364 asked, are you using the charger that came with phone or a different one? I would check to see which applications are running in the background because that can drain your batter charge as well. I had issues with a 3rd party messaging app myself that would be constantly running in the background and would drain my battery and my phone would get really hot. Once I deleted the app my phone no longer got hot and my charge has stayed strong. You might check out some battery conserving options as well Let me know if any of this helps.


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