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Samsung Galaxy S3 questions


Samsung Galaxy S3 questions

I am not a big fan of Samsung phones and I don't buy into hypes

I need to change my Photon and I need a very good phone. I will be buying without a contract.

The main reason I am considering this phone is because it has a lot of community development support. Easy to hack.

Yes I am planning to root it and remove most of Sprint and Samsung useless applications.

1. How is reception on the phone? 3G only. LTE is a drean where I live.

2. How is sound quality?

3. How is the battery life?

4. How is the picture/video quality?

FYI: I read a lot of reviews but I want to hear from actual users.


Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 questions

1) For me the reception is good, better than the Epic Touch. The bar graph may not show as many bars as other phones but in real world use its as good as any phone I have owned (BB, EVO etc.) I've never owned a Photon though .

2) Sound quality is excellent. Many times I will ask the person on the other end if they're still there because of almost no background noise. The volume level range is good as is the speaker phone.

3) Battery life is good although not quite as good as the Epic Touch, Much better than the EVO. The Amoled screen does use a significant amount of power but for what I do the phone last's a full day on a charge.

4) Picture quality is great. It does seem to take a little longer to focus than the Epic Touch, But it's still good enough for me to use it to photocopy invoice documents etc.

This phone is everything I wanted the Epic Touch to be, I think Samsung finally nailed it on this one!  Good luck, Rick

P.S. Touchwiz took some getting used to but it does work well.


Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 questions


Thank you for the info.

I am sure there is a way to reduce the screen brightness

Getting familiar to the Touchwiz should not be an issue. I will take the time to read the whole user manual if I have to.

EVO LTE is my second choice.

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