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Samsung Galaxy s3 Signal Issues


Samsung Galaxy s3 Signal Issues

I just upgraded to the S3 from the iPhone 4s and although I love the S3 I am having issues with my phone signal...NO SIGNAL AT ALL... I never had this problem before. My wife evo has no issues with signal strength at home so it's not my area. Is this a know issues and is there a fix coming...  I have been to the sprint store and called sprint and got know help... What is going on....

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I have had this phone 2 months and at home with an airrave my phone contunually goes to roam and back.  At first I thought I might hav a bad airrave but no one else in the house has this problem.  The calls continue to break up while at home with 2 or three bars of signal strength.  Very disappointed in this phone.


Owen saa1  HOw long did it take to get your phone back from Samsung?


About 2 weeks from the day I shipped until the day I received it back...you should still have warranty coverage from Samsung so go to their website and start the process now. Don't waste your time with Sprint...they'll just give you the runaround.  I've already disconnected my Airave and will be mailing back to sprint soon. 


Very disappointed in the mobile data for the SGS3 compared to my old phone HTC EVO 4G... I mean I can understand if 4G LTE is not in your area (which it is for me according to the coverage map), but 3G was decent on the my HTC but is horrible on the S3 to where I'm wondering if its Sprint or the S3? I had to go about 2 miles to the north with my old phone HTC to get into  4G wimax coverage and it worked great, and when I was out of it the 3G was decent.

But this is off the charts bad when I go the 24 hr. Fitness up the road and I could get 4G wimax on the old phone and run Pandora just fine and then with the S3 and  a 1/4 mile from the 4G LTE tower I can't get 4G on the S3 and very limited 3G to add to it? To me this sounds like a phone issue and from what I'm hearing is a big issue. I need a phone with internet with my job and its only good with a wifi only at this point? Tried to switch to only CDMA coverage and no difference.

Need to make a trip to the sprint store it this issue resolved or get something elsel. Love the phone but data mobile is non-exsistent most the time!


Troubleshoot issues related to data connectivity and your Samsung Galaxy S III

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013

Troubleshoot data connectivity

This article helps you troubleshoot data connectivity issues on your Samsung Galaxy S III.

You may have data connectivity issues if you're unable to:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Browse websites
  • Send or receive multimedia messages
  • Load Internet content within applications
  • Send or receive email

These steps help identify and resolve the underlying cause. After completing each step, test to see if the issue is fixed. If not, continue to the next step.

  1. Verify your Samsung Galaxy S® III is connected to the Sprint network using Sprint Zone.Be sure mobile data is enabled. Some features and applications require a data connection to work properly.
    1. Access Sprint Zone.
    2. Scroll to and tap Help.
    3. Tap My Device.
    4. Your connection status displays below Wireless & Networks.
    5. Tap the Back key.
    6. Scroll to and tap Update Profile.
    7. Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.
  2. Perform a soft reset.A soft reset reconnects your Samsung Galaxy S III to the Sprint network.
    1. Press and hold the Power key, tap Power off, and then tap OK to turn your Samsung Galaxy S III off.
    2. Remove the battery. After 30 seconds, reinsert the battery.
    3. Press and hold the Power key to turn your Samsung Galaxy S III back on.
    4. Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.
  3. Do you know if other Sprint customers are experiencing the same problem in the same location?
    • If yes or you don't know: Please contact Sprint Customer Care for help.
    • If no: Please find the nearest Sprint Repair center and schedule an appointment so a Sprint technician can further diagnose the issue.
  4. Temporary solution: Connect to a Wi-Fi network.You can connect to a Wi-Fi network as a temporary solution.Note: Most Wi-Fi networks have a range of less than 100 feet indoors and up to 300 feet outdoors. Objects between the router and your Samsung Galaxy S III may decrease the signal strength.Connecting to a Wi-Fi network may also improve battery life.

Note: To optimize device performance, be sure your Samsung Galaxy S III is running the most recent device software. Check for software updates.

If you're still having issues, please contact Sprint Customer Care for more help.

-Update.... I tried the first part of this troubleshooter and seems to work getting mobile data even inside a tek-shielded house. Of course its late at late and most folks are not bogging down the mobile network. Its still extremely slow for 3G from my past HTC EVO 4G phone. I live in a 4G LTE coverage according to the Sprint coverage map but not connected, but the test will be tomorrow standing next to a 4G tower to see if it works like yesterday.....


I only have one phone so sending mine away doesn't excite me the right way. So here is what I finally did. A few posts mentioned it so I took my GS3 to the Sprint operated center not a satellite store and made one mistake otherwise it was a good day. As I walked up to the Sprint store I checked my browser on a hunch to see how it would work near their store and I had amazingly fast internet just outside the store. Just a guess but you may be able to cook an egg in your pocket inside. I explained that I could not make intelligible phone calls and my connection to the net was virtually useless. They took my phone promising to not loose my data. Meh. My bad but I have Backup Pro and I highly recommend you get it too. ummm Works great when you use it. Well I should have made a backup just before handing it over. They took the phone for an hour and a half and when I got it back it worked! Anything I had not backed up previously was lost. I had to download apps I own and set them up again but I have had worse things happen. Had I planned ahead it would have gone a lot better I am sure. They told me they did a major software update on it which surprised me because I thought I was up to date and had done all I knew to be up to date. This was a hard reset so it was not only set back to factory but there was new stuff and other stuff moved around. All I know is the phone works well now as does the Internet. If they did anything else to the phone and didn't mention it I can't say. All I know is it works and I am pleased. I had to redo a lot of customizations such as ringtones and pictures for each person as well as home and lock screen pictures and the like but aside from these minor irritants I have a working phone. It is unlikely I will ever see 4G in Omaha with this phone unless I travel to another city and I can't say I am profoundly overjoyed about this but  I am about as happy as I will ever be. Hey. My phone works. As for calling tech support. I woldn't waste my time. Take it in and find a human. If they have it in their hands and it won't work you are likely to get a lot more done than speaking to some new phone help miles away who can say gee never heard of this problem. Have you tried waving a dead chicken over it? When I mentioned to the rep at the store that I am not alone and the forums are full of folks with similar issue he told me most people are delighted with the GS3's and naturally those people normally don't go to the forums.Yes, well the verdict is still out isn't it.


I've done so many things to help my Samsung Galaxy III help with signal strength. 1. Update PRL, Update Profile, Update Software, Update Firmware, Speed test, enter ## and a few numbers and it re booted. Soft reset. Talked with many reps on the phone. This is what they said

1. It seems like a minor software issue let me transfer you to a specialist and your issue will resolve.

2. Your device is defective, please send it in and I will send you a kit. Supply me with your credit card and I need to charge 99.00 and then will reimburse you once you receive the phone. Once we receive it and it is damaged you could be charged a 350 fee. (NO)

3. Towers AREN'T down in your area.

4. Towers ARE down in your area.

5. Girl, you could just go down to a store and damage to get a replacement there will be no issue within the 14 days (FALSE)

6. (By a tech inside a Sprint store). A Sprint rep goes up to the tech and tells her that my phone has text messaging delays (up to 10-40 seconds). Tech denied even looking at it or inspecting it. Told the Sales rep to put my phone to CDMA mode only. She said it has to do with the serial number of the phone connecting to the towers.

I can't keep going to a tech store with the main holder of this account due to the fact that she work. I want to love this phone, but I ultimately hate it due to Sprint.

My current signal: -97 dBm 1asu (it was -86 at best)

Speedtest.net 10.99Mbps (download) 1.55Mbps (upload) png18ms (highest is 14)


I bought this phone in December and I am having the SAME issues.  I had an EVO and had no problems at all!  I get either get NO SIGNAL at all (and am missing phone calls because it just goes to voicemail) or I am constantly roaming and dropping calls!  I have to constantly re-send text messages.

Customer service has been telling me since December that it's probably a tower issue or they are working on a tower, etc... but it's b.s.  Although I purchased a brand new phone, they have sent me TWO refurbished phones.  I am beyond frustrated!!!!!  I contacted customer service one again this morning.  I now have to take my phone to the sprint store and have them look at it!  They have not once offered me a refund or discount on my service!


I am ready to buy a new phone and upgrade, I currently have the HTC Evo 4g. I went to Best Buy, Radio Shack and sprint and I was going to get the HTC Evo 4g LTE or the Galaxy S3 just because I don't have the $200 to buy the HTC One, and everyone at those stores all told me to get the Galaxy over the Evo that it was a much better phone. I was all set to go buy the Galaxy S3 but after reading these posts I don't know if I want to now. I also talked to a friend that has the Galaxy S3 and he told me that Samsung fixed the signal problems on the newer versions of the S3  and they work fine. He said you can tell by the serial # if its a newer release phone. Does anyone know if this is true or not? If it is do you know what serial numbers are the newer ones. I really don't want to buy a phone with signal problems because my HTC Evo 4G works great. Im in the Indianapolis IN area and  I just wanted to upgrade to a 4G LTE phone.


We purchased a Samsung galaxy s3 when they first came out. The reception was absolutely amazing at that time. Over the last few months the reception in our house, and the surrounding areas, which is also my husband's place of business, has dropped calls, extremely bad reception and lots of roaming. We live at 85602 with the nearest intersection being barrel cactus ridge road and s limestone street. It works somewhat ok in Tucson which is the nearest city. Is this a tower issue or is this a phone issue. I have an iphone 5 which is worse than his. We need a solution. Dropped business calls for my husband are not acceptable.


I bought this phone in January.  It has been trouble since the very beginning.  I should have returned it in the first 14 days but I didn't.  I am now on my third phone just received it yesterday and within 10 minutes of activating the device it was roaming and still had very little signal.  I also have an airrave in my house.  I've never been so disappointed in a Samsung device.


I called Sprint customer service a couple of weeks ago and complained again.  They give the same answer to everybody - "Network upgrades".  As of now, I am unable to use my S3 at work nor my home (zip 60016).  I can only use the phone to make calls.  No data coverage until they are done with the towers in my area.  They also mentioned that there is a problem with Airave devices.  If you don't have WiFi at home or work, you are screwed.  All they can do is promise me a credit for the duration of the outage.  The bad thing - they don't have an estimate as to when the towers will be upgraded in my area.

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