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Serious auto-rotate problem


Serious auto-rotate problem

I'm wondering if anyone else is having the problem I'm having.

It started last week.  When I tried to view my photos, I held the phone in landscape mode (sideways) and the photos flipped to portrait mode.  I brought the phone to the Sprint repair center and the tech said he never saw this problem before.  He reset my phone and the problem went away - for a couple of days.  Now it's back - and WORSE.

Today, I went into Apps, then selected Settings and my menu was sideways (landscape) even though I was holding the phone portrait.  Then I checked my photo gallery and the photos were doing what they were doing last week.

Anyone else have this problem?  I'm hoping that nobody has the problem because I'm thinking of letting Sprint replace this phone.  If others are having the problem I'm thinking of just getting a different type of phone, even though I like the S3 very much except for this problem.  Thanks in advance for your input! 


Re: Serious auto-rotate problem

I got this info from a forum about   an Automatic Auto- Rotate issue:- 

"Go to your system setting > display > horizontal calibration. heres the trick instead of placing the phone on a level surface face up you have to calibrate the phone face down. you might have to hold the phone under a table or desk for example, then calibrate. worked for me. let me know if it solved your problem".



Re: Serious auto-rotate problem

Thanks so much for the advice, Abe.  I went ahead and tried it.

Unfortunately, it didn't help.  I went to the Sprint store/repair center today (second time about this issue) and they told me that it's a known issue that Samsung is working on.  So, I'm getting a replacement phone.

But, your advice may work for someone else, so I'm really glad you posted it.  And, who knows, it might have worked for me.

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