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Small issue after 4.3 upgrade.

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Small issue after 4.3 upgrade.

First, I would like to say I am very happy with my recent upgrade. My battery life has improved and my phone is blazing fast. I dislike the visual changes to the phone, however things change and like every new phone, I will get used to.

However, I do have one issue - my phone tells me that I have downloaded "download.jpg". It shows up in my notifications. When I try to bring it up, I am immediately kicked back to the home screen. If I try to swipe away the notification, it comes right back. Any ideas?


Re: Small issue after 4.3 upgrade.

Have you tried what had worked for most folks, including me?

Go to Settings / More / Application Manager / All and then for both Downloads and Download Manager choose Clear Cache, Clear Data and Force Stop. (Cache may already be empty.) Then reboot and it should be ok.


Re: Small issue after 4.3 upgrade.

Thank you very much!


Re: Small issue after 4.3 upgrade.


Thank you for the feedback. Is everything okay now, or are you still experiencing this issue?

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