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Sprint Update Problem BATTERY drain


Sprint Update Problem BATTERY drain

I had two Epic Touch phones which both had a plethora of problems after the ICS update. Check that forum for a list of complaints. Anyways, I bit the bullet and upgraded both phones to the Galaxy S3 because I was sick of not being able to use my phones properly. The S3 was a fantastic phone, it was everything that I wanted the S2 to be...especially in regards to GPS lock and battery life. Then, Sprint sent out an OTA

After the most recent OTA update, I've noticed that there will be times that under battery settings, ANDROID SYSTEM will use anywhere from 35-70% of the battery, causing it to quickly drain.

Resetting, and taking out the battery doesn't do anything. I also cleared cache and it didn't solve the problem. I charged the phone to 100 until the light turned green and that seems to have worked as now the Android system is only using 4%. However, "Cell Standby" is now up to 46%. It's as if cell standby and android system take turns switching on being the greater battery drain.

When Android System was the primary problem, I hit the refresh button on the top right corner under the battery setting and it would say, "GSIFF Daemon" which after some research seems to be gyroscope related.

I was getting great battery life prior to the latest Sprint update for the phone.

Any ideas or suggestions?



Re: Sprint Update Problem BATTERY drain

I have exactly the same problem. The android system and cell standby are competing for what can use the most battery. I called Sprint support and explained that prior to the update, I was getting good battery life. After the update, the android system is using most of the battery. I also explained that this was the same problem I had with the Epic phone. Apparently, battery drain isn't a reported issue after the software update so I guess there isn't anything that's officially going to be done. Maybe the power save mode on the phone will help save the battery.


Re: Sprint Update Problem BATTERY drain

Are you in a market with LTE?

I was able to confirm after the most recent update. LG8 to LI3 that my battery life has gone down hill.

I ran SystemPanel and found that my CPU usage was hovering around 10% in stand by mode over night.  IT should be 5% or less.

I also noticed that at my residence my phone is swithcing from CDMA/A to eHRPD/LTE a lot. It didnt do this before the update..

Im on the verge of a hard reset this weekend and seeing if that helps..  OR i was going to wait for JB update and see if that resolved the issue.

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