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Unable to download Swype. Not enough memory.


Unable to download Swype. Not enough memory.

I'm having problems downloading the new version of Swype from the Swype website. The download starts & finishes very quickly. The pull-down menu (notifications) says "Download unsuccessful". When I click on that & look at the download list it says "Download unavailable: Unable to complete download. Not enough memory" I then have options to delete or retry.

According to Settings/Application Manager, I have 9.2 GB free on the device memory and 556 MB of RAM free.

I can download apps from Google Play and Amazon App Store with no problem.

Any thoughts?

Any suggestions?


Re: Unable to download Swype. Not enough memory.


I have the same phone and according to swype the latest version is, can you verify if this is the same version you have? Have you tried updating swype from the application itself? Please give it a try and see if it works, from the home screen press menu>language and input> next to swype click on the cog>updates


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