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I am stuck with this phone now since I waited 16 days to try to return it, I thought we had 30 days not 14 but none the less. I have been a sprint customer for many years about 15 cant remember exactly. We also have 4 phones so I pay out the nose every month. Any way, the response was this is policy sorry go to the store and see if they can help you. Oh my issue is dropped calls and my phone now roams at home (the other 3 do not, nor did my previous phone 16 days ago).

I ask them to waive the activation fee and get the corporate spill this is a standard practice in the industry to offset the phone cost for the manufacturers and we cant waive it. They improved enough to get some plastic award from JD powers and now have returned to the sprint of old. I also noticed the no longer ask at least the 2 people I talked to tonight did not, " did we resolve your issue". There is a reason why they did not ask, both said"this is policy sorry" they no longer care about service, it is following policy that is important.

this is a snipit from a news article on teh internet, "Sprint lost an overall 423,000 subscribers in the July to September period, as trends across its product lineup were weak.

Excluding recaptured Nextel customers, it lost contract-signing subscribers from the Sprint network for the first time in years. Customers on contract-based plans are the most lucrative, and keeping them has been a linchpin of CEO Dan Hesse's turnaround plan."

So we are the most lucrative part of their business and get treated the worst, no wonder people are leaving. Oh and I could go on about the extra charge for 3g and 4g/lte phone when 4g and lte is no were in sight.

oh one more quote from the article, "Sprint Nextel lost subscribers and struggled to compete with mobile industry juggernaut Verizon Wireless in the third quarter earnings period. Unlike Verizon and AT&T, Sprint Nextel failed to see a boost from the new iPhone 5. "

so Sprint you must sit at your meetings and ask yourself, why is it that people are willing to pay more at these other companies than they will here with sprint? It is service after the cell(sale) that builds loyalty for most people.  I do not want a canned copy and pasted message from a rep over chat, I do not want ot be put on hold for som erep to look up my information 3 or 4 times during a call. When a customer spends a ton of money every month there should be some kind of perk, like an activation fee waived, a phone swapped out that isnt working right, etc.

I belong to a reward program for a hotel chain and they gave me a free hotel room for my birthday, value around $150. I have been a loyal custeomr with them for 14 months, with sprint for 15 years, hummmmmmmm why are people leaving ask yourself.



Wow.  It sounds like you've been through quite a bit.  If your issue with your device is specifically with dropped calls, I'll be glad to troubleshoot the root cause for your issue.  I'm sure you've called numerous times and gone to the store as well.  I'll definitely not quite Sprint policy back to you.  The bottom line is, if you have a defective device, it can be replaced.  If the issue is with the network, we can escalate your issue to our networking technicians.

Can you tell me, is your dropped call issue in and around a certain area?  Can you provide me with your city, state and nearest cross street to your most commonly used locations?



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wow, I knew something smelled funny when I read your post. You should know the return policy. You pay out the nose because you have 4 smartphones and that is what the running rate is -- more at other carriers -- and not unlimited.  You are right, Sprint does need more high paying customers like you paying through the nose and paying activation/upgrade fees. 

The rest of your post is ridiculous and someone needs to call you out on it. The hotel analogy is apples and oranges with this industry.   These kinds of posts exist with every carrier with some customer upset about something and going off on a tangent of mixed truths. Your choice to buy a phone. Your choice to enter contracts that have terms and conditions - like upgrade fees. Changes happen with policies -- very quickly in this industry.

And for the rest:

  • Revenue grew 14% YOY. 8th consecutive quarter of double digit percentage year over year growth.
  • 5% growth YOY in average revenue per user (can you say upgrade fees, thank you)
  • 410,000 net postpaid customers added.
  • Best ever 3rd quarter for churn percentage at 1.88
  • High Nextel postpaid recapture rate of 59%
  • Strong total iPhone sales of 1.5 million - 40% to new customers (very much a helpful factor to Sprint and it's current growth)(just look at Tmobile, bleeding b/c no iPhone)
  • 33,000 customers added through prepaid/wholesale

Going off of memory b/c it's been a few years. when Hesse came in:

1. identified customer service needed immediate improvement.  Switched billing platforms, reducing billing errors thus reducing call center calls. Shut some call centers down, put that money back into customer service and training. Made the customer experience accountable down to the rep level (tied into compensation even to this day). Changed many policies quickly to be customer friendly and invite new customers to take a look: 30 day free trial (everything refunded within 30 days), Premiere program to reward existing customers, etc.   Hesse's first priority was to stop the bleeding. He did that by making cust friendly policies and short term programs that were unseen in the industry. That's why Premiere program eventually went away - it was a short term plan.   A lot of the things that happened during those first few years were to every Sprint customer's advantage. Lots of free credits being given out freely. Lax policies, waived fees. And now some of it has changed to help Sprint grow and some feel entitled to it all still, but the truth is they got to enjoy it because they were getting great value on the 3rd largest carrier.

2. Ready Now. Hesse wanted customers to be personally trained on their new devices before they left the store(for free). Smartphone adoption a rising trend at the time.

3. I'm missing something here but I'll continue. Unlimited Data. Hesse identified a value that would differentiate Sprint.

4. Nextel shutdown. Nextel has been a debacle. Hesse came in after that purchase. Shut down that network and use it's low frequency so our Sprint phones benefit with never before seen signal strength/penetration...and billions in savings for Sprint.

5. Network Vision. After this network initiative is done 2013/2014 Sprint will be left with an industry leading network with all sites equipment upgraded, new backhaul for increased 3G speeds and capacity, and 4G LTE on every cell site. A complete overhaul.

Hesse turned around the customer experience, transformed cust service into industry leading, defined and implemented the network strategy for the future, quarter over quarter improvements and the first subscriber gains in years...doubled the stock that at one point was down to $2-ish, all of this enough to attract the attention of Softbank which believes Sprint has promise and is willing to invest $20 billion for a 70% ownership Clearwire and be in a position in the near future to have a state of the art network and a leader in spectrum for an ever increasing data hungry industry.

I'd say Hesse has done ok so far.

Add in the consecutive 'most improved customer service' across all industries awards and climb in Green company rankings all the way to #3, there are a lot of ways Sprint is a responsible leader in the industry -- and why many customers are switching to Sprint and enjoying their experience. Verizon and ATT acquired the #s through mergers/acquisitions (and ATT an early exclusive on iPhone).  Sprint has been a steady, tech leading company over the years committed to as open a network as possible with it's customers in mind.

Hope Fergie B gets you helped out.

I'm 'disappointed' in your rant post.

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