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sometimes sgs3 is not making ringing sound when making outgoing call is connected


sometimes sgs3 is not making ringing sound when making outgoing call is connected

this problem started happening in the last month or 2.  i dial someone's number or select them from the contact list, i press call, the sgs3 says dialing, the sgs3 says connected and the timer starts from 00:00 and continues until i hang up the phone; however, throughout that time (i.e. while the outgoing call is 'connected' there is no ringing, there is no one that answers, nothing.  i've tried rebooting my sgs3; however, the problem is hit or miss and occurs ~40% of the time regardless of whether you've rebooted it.  when i finally got the sgs3 to ring and talked with the person that i've been attempting to call i apologized for hanging up on them (because i couldn't hear anything) but they told me that this was the 1st time their phone had rung... so the previous calls were not going through even though the sgs3 said it was connected???

has anyone else had this happen to them?  is the phone getting confused over whether to use the bluetooth headset instead of the built in speaker? 

factory reset is not an option for me... i've taken too long to get my phone to wear it is and i've factory reset / had to have my phone replaced in the past. 


this time i let the numbers continue to count up even though i didn't hear the phone ringing on the outgoing call and after it said 00:30 it finally started ringing, the person on the other end picked up, and we had a conversation.  so, it appears my sgs3 / sprint is saying that the phone is connected well before it's actually connecting on nearly half of my calls.  honestly, i don't care about the minutes lost because i don't come close to using them all but i do care that i have to wait for 30+ seconds after initiating a call before it finally goes through. 

in case it's tower dependent i'm stating my location... baltimore, md.

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