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touch screen no responding


touch screen no responding

I to am having problems, the touch screen on my S3 has stopped working, my phone still receives calls, texts, Emails, updates, it rings, buzzes, chimes, I can turn the volumes up and down and even get to the main screen but I have no ability to use the touch screen, absolutely nothing happens when I touch the screen,THE PHONE IS ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD, I have no form of communication now except my computer laptop, no landline phone, nadda.......


Re: touch screen no responding


Thank you for posting.  I am very sorry to hear of the touch screen not working for you.  That would be covered under the one year's manufaturer's warranty.  Have you had a chance to go to one of our repair shops?  Check here to find the closest one to you: Frustratedtore   Please let me know what the outcome is.

Thank you,


Social Care Team

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