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10 Tricks for the Galaxy S4


So I’ve had this device a few weeks and have learned some tricks that have helped me in mastering some of the cool features on this device a little easier… So here it goes…

Arrange your music by moods – I love this now that I have used it bunch!

If you open up the native music app on the device and scroll your top navigation bar to the right you will see Music Squares. This will scan your music and arrange it by moods. Tap on a square that is closest to your current mood and enjoy the tunes.

Delete your cache and you can gain some extra memory

Did you know you can delete your cache if your running low on memory as well as temporary files from apps you’ve downloaded. Just open your applications manager, select an app and delete the stored cache or data. This is handy since you can’t save apps to your memory card!

Click, Drag, and Drop

Android makes it easy to move data from your device to your computer (PC’s and Mac’s). Just plug your USB cable into your computer and a file manager box will open. From there all you have to do is drag and drop. This is the quickest way I have found to store my data on my desktop…well if you aren’t a cloud user (like Ivan V )!

Make sure you have a fresh ringtone!

When your phone rings you can’t have that standard ringtone playing... can you?!? Well if you want that latest track to bump when you receive a call just quickly go to Settings > My Device > Sound > Ringtones> Select Add> then search for your favorite track. I was able to update mine to the Tom Ford track off Jay Z’s new album, I got courtesy of Samsung!!! Thanks again.

Don’t be afraid to search Google for a nice ringtone either!

You can snap photos and even record video with your voice, just like that.

Simply say “capture” or “record” and the phone will do the rest. Great for when you want to take a picture of yourself. You have to have the feature enabled so make sure that the voice feature is on (a microphone icon will appear near the top of your camera’s settings to let you know it’s on).

Easily Block annoying callers

Is there someone you need to restrict from contacting you? Well you can easily go to your phone select the menu button and then call settings. From here you can manage your call rejection list (love the name of the list…haha!). No more annoying callers….Bloop!

Take a front and rear picture at the same time…. YES!

You want to capture your friend’s reaction to the prank you played on them and yours at the same time… no problem. Just enable the dual mode and take a rear and front facing picture at the same time. When you open the camera application you will see the dual shot icon between the front/rear camera switch button and the Settings button. When selected a box appears showing you a camera view of yourself. You can change the size, by pinching and zooming, or move the box anywhere on the screen by dragging it. You can even change it from a picture box to a stamp or heart shape, select the arrow that appears to the left of the screen.

Then there was light…!

Make sure if you are using the smart scroll, smart stay, and smart pause that you are in a well lite area. This dramatically effects how well these features work. Try it and let me know your feedback.

Power Saving Mode

I have heard mixed feelings about battery life on this device. I personally think I have great battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S4. But no worries Samsung has built in a Power Saving Mode, just enable it from settings (Settings > My Device > Power Saving Mode). From there, you can tweak just how much it affects your phone. You can control the CPU, change the power level of the screen, and turn things off like haptic feedback.

Disable Features you’re not using

The S4 comes with a lot of great features, some you may love and other you can live without. So if you aren’t using air gesture or smart scroll turn them off. These features can consume a lot of battery life just leaving them on all the time. This may help you save some more battery. You can quickly disable them directly from your notifications bar the icon located to the right of settings. Then select and de-select items you use or….

To quickly access the tiled list of quick settings, swipe down from the top with two fingers!

Please feel free to add your own in the comment section and I will grow the list…. Thanks in advance!

[inappropriate link removed] – Also check out this blog that has 50 tips on the Galaxy S4…

~Your Product Ambassador Team~

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