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Fix for Wi-Fi calling update problems (Tri-Band S4)


Fix for Wi-Fi calling update problems (Tri-Band S4)

You can now fix your phone yourself instead of having to go to Sprint or the Samsung place at Best Buy.  Download Samsung Kies software.  You can load a clean version of NC6 (wi-fi calling update) using Kies.  If you've already gotten the sprint update and your phone is messed up, go to the "Tools" menu in Kies, select "Firmware Upgrade and Initialization".  This will wipe your phone completely - which is what sprint or samsung would do anyway.  There is an option to back up your settings during this process so that they can be restored afterwards.  Once the initialization is complete, go back into Kies and go the the "Restore Data" function in the "Back up/Restore" tab.

If you haven't taken the update from Sprint, you can simply do the Firmware Upgrade from Kies and you will get a clean flash and you won't lose your data and settings.

If you're more adventurous, you can download the full NC6 ROM from and flash it with Odin.  You can do this even if you've already taken the update from Sprint.  This method also will let you keep your data and settings.

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