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GALAXY S4 ISSUES - I'm having serious issues after the most recent update - Android Version 4.3


GALAXY S4 ISSUES - I'm having serious issues after the most recent update - Android Version 4.3

Sprint, with all of your technology, why am I still having issues with my phone??? Is anyone having issues / problems like the ones I'm having below?! Since the 4.3 update, my phone is doing the following...

Camera is Acting Screwy: it doesn't focus correctly, sometimes it doesn't focus at all. There have been numerous times when after taking the picture, it was completely blurry because it took the picture about 2 seconds after I clicked on the button. Now I have to wait about 5-10 seconds after taking the picture to make sure it comes out. I NEVER had to do that before.

WiFi: The WiFi will say "limited internet connection" and go to another WiFi connection or to 3G (I still don't have 4G in my area even though I keep getting text messages and e-mails saying my voice / data is done being upgraded. I have yet to see a difference...I'll talk about that more in a minute). When I check on the connection on my laptop, HDTV, and / or Blu-Ray player, it says "very strong connection" and the link speed is 135mbps and up. It constantly picks different WiFi signals which affect the performance of my phone. I know about the Sprint Optimizer. That's not making any bit of difference. The phone just won't stay on a good WiFi connection...no matter what!

Dropped Calls and Signal Issues: This is horrible. I used to be able to talk anywhere in my house. Now I have to stay on the middle level and stay within certain rooms. I don't understand considering they are / were upgrading the towers in my area. My phone drops calls more now than ever before. It gets very frustrating. What happened to the tower(s) in my area...you informed me that the upgrades are close to being done...and one was even completed!

Battery: The battery drains so quickly since the update. It's ridiculous! What used to last me all day with moderate use, I now have to charge the battery 2-3 times a day. I left my phone uncharged one night (it was at 80%). When I woke up it was almost dead...I actually got a message on my phone saying to charge it because the battery level was below 15% (or somewhere around there). That's not good for this type of phone...or any phone for that matter.

I'm also having other issues but I think this is enough for now. Hopefully I can get some resolution with these problems first.

So when did all of this start??? Well, as soon as I updated to Android 4.3. My phone does not act like it used to. Even my Wife's phone is experiencing the same issues, but she doesn't care as much as I do. I went to a Sprint Store by my house. The Representative reset my phone and did some extra things to try and clear any issues or problems. Well, it didn't work.

I have been with Sprint for about 10 years. I never had problems like this before. I wish Sprint would send out an update to fix these issues. I also wish Sprint would tell me when I can look forward to 4G or 4G LTE in my area. That would be awesome. But first I would like to have my phone working like normal again...before the update.

So Sprint, any suggestions on what I can do to get my phone working properly again? Can you tell me when I can use 4G or 4G LTE in my area? I live in the zip code 21769. Can you tell me when you're sending out another update to fix problems like the ones I, and many other people, are having? Does anyone have any advice???

Thank you for responding...


I got the same [inappropriate word removed] answer--"due to up grades" & asked why I was  given a flat "no

". then told that my 10+day lack of service "was helping everyone". Screw "еvery" - else! so I found spot where I was able to get on Sprint's 3G network & went every day for 15-16 days -running up 72+GB of streaming videos & music!  If I was going to be billed full price for "unlimited services" & all I could get was a lousy 3G internet, I was damn well going to rack up as many GB as possible until I had phone & text services again. Suggest trying the same to any "unlimted plan payer" not compensated for lost phone&text services during "upgrades. "

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This is not how we want for you to feel. I would like to get started on this issue for you. For any service issues please provide your zip and cross streets. For any issue that is not service related you will need to visit a service location.

Sean L

Social Care


Oh I feel you! Great job!



Thanks for the post. Are you still having issues? Has the device updated again?


Sprint Social Care


No...my device has not updated again. I am still having issues with it. I'm in Vegas right now & when taking pics, after I take the pic, it says 'processing'. If I move the camera at any point while it's processing, my pic is blurry. I have to keep the camera very still. As far as the dropped calls, it's worse now than ever before. I can't even talk in my house anymore. My calls are dropped so often now that I'm considering getting a hard line. I was told that Sprint was doing upgrades & have completed upgrades in my area. I haven't seen any difference. It's actually been worse. My battery level drops more now than ever. So I'm still having problems. Was there another upgrade...or should I be looking for one?


My zip code is 21769. They said there were updates & upgrades in my area but I'm dropping calls like never before.


Ever since the upgrade I too have had nothing but issues. My phone is a huge part of may daily living so all of the issues you described above are making me reconsider this move after being with a competitor for over 13 yrs. It sucks to be honest. The LTE update has been thus far the worst move in my opinion for Sprint. It would be nice if there was something done about it. Mine is with my Galaxy S111. Its horrible!


Hey everybody, SPRINT gave me an AIRAVE 2.0 FREE to resolve my drop call issues at home. On the road we are talking about another issue. I am always dropping calls at my job and on the road. I am soooooo embarrassed when I have to call someone back with the phrase " Sorry, I hit a dead spot..."   Please call Customer Service and see what they can do about the home network issue.  The AIRAVE has resolved my drop call issues at home. On the road...SMH



I re-checked your zip area and I did not see any reported outages there. You mentioned that you experienced the same issues in a different location. Have you had the opportunity to get your device troubleshot by a service technician? Since your last post have you noticed any improvements?


Sprint Social Care


No, I haven't noticed any improvements.

I'm still having issues with the Wifi. My Wifi cant seem to make up its mind. It gets stuck on " obtaining IP address" and "checking the quality of your Internet connection" and it's driving me crazy. My laptop, 3D HDTV, 3D Blu-ray, Kindle, iPhone and other devices have no issues with the Wifi in my home...just my phone.

I'm still having issues with my camera. My fiance & I went to Vegas last week to get married. I took numerous pics with my phone. Half of them were blurry. The problem is this...when I take a pic, it says "processing" then a blue bar appears to show it processing. It takes about 7 seconds for the blue bar to disappear. If you move the camera during the processing, the image gets distorted. You have to keep it still the entire time for the pic to come out. It does this about 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time, the camera acts normal.

I'm still dropping calls in my house like crazy. I can barely get good reception. I'm getting sick & tired of it. It's still dropping calls when I'm out & about too. Someone posted on my discussion (#8) and this person said Sprint gave him an Airave 2.0 to help with dropped calls. Will that help me in my house?

It just seems like ever since the update to Android 4.3,  my phone doesn't work like it used to. I'm constantly checking to see if another upgrade is there but so far I haven't seen any. What can I do, if anything, to get my phone working normal again?



Good evening, Hawk492015! I am glad to hear that the Airave has improved service in your home. Dropped calls are definitely no good and I certainly understand the frustration. We have been in the process of upgrading our network since 2011 and are nearly finished. I’d like to assess the areas that you most frequent so I can get you some updates on what’s taking place. Please provide a set of zip codes and intersecting cross streets when you have a moment.



Sprint Social Care Team

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