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Galaxy S 4


Galaxy S 4

Hey guys. Just bought the new Galaxy 2 weeks ago and suddenly my phone will not charge with the wall adapter. I tried so many different things and it will not take a charge. I am pretty sure some moisture got into the charging port and ordered a replacement, but since the phone is so new the replacement phone is backordered for about a week. I checked all the sites to see what suggestions I can do while I wait for the replacement. I backed up my data and reset to factory settings and that did not work, but I did plug the phone into the computer and that worked. However, the phone is taking FOREVER to charge with the computer. Any other suggestions or just be patient?


leave your phone in rice for few hours, and try it again. Also, are you using the wall charger that came with the phone or an old one. I had a problem similar to yours with an old charger, but no water issue though.

I hope this helps...

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if its charging through the computer with the charging cord but NOT when you have it plugged into the wall then the difference would be the USB plug that you plug into the wall..see if you have another wall usb part from another phone and try it..if it works then you just figured out what the problem doesnt sound like a phone issue seeing as how if the phone had moisture damage and was affecting the battery it wouldnt charge no matter WHAT you plugged it into

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