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Galaxy S4 will NOT forget wifi network


Galaxy S4 will NOT forget wifi network

Originally, my workplace had only one wifi network for mobile devices. Last year they introduced a "new and improved" network and are S.L.O.W.L.Y. phasing out the original network. Here's my issue: I can NOT get my S4 to "forget" the original network - no matter how many times I change to the new network and "forget" the old one; it keeps defaulting back to the old network. (Since VodaPhone and Touchdown only "play nice" with the new network; this is even affecting my access to my laptop.)

Is there a way to "clear the cache" of the previously accessed networks? OR is there a data file somewhere where I can delete JUST the old network? I really, really, REALLY don't want to go through a factory reset (see also: VodaPhone, Touchdown, and a host of other mandated apps that would need to be re-installed and re-configured... no thanks)

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Re: Galaxy S4 will NOT forget wifi network

JRC905- With every update can be little glitches that are usually solved quite easily. The first step in resolving most software glitches is to hard reset the device. Resetting your phone can help clear any cookies, cache or backlog on your device that could cause this issue. - Colleen
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