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Highlights of the NEW Group Play on the Galaxy S4


If you’ve owned a GSIII or GNII then you are familiar with the Group Play application.  The biggest upgrade is the ability to now play music through Group play.  I shoulScreenshot_2013-07-17-09-52-52.pngd also point out that this new featuScreenshot_2013-07-17-09-52-20.pngre is only on the S4. Also group play on the S4 doesn’t allow you to share or connect with other model Galaxy devices, I know what a bummer.

I was lucky enough to demo another S4 to put these sharing features to the test…

When you open Group play you have the option to create a group or join a group. When you select create you are prompted to set a password. If you are joining a group and the creator has set a password you will need to select join and enter the password.

The first thing I tried was the share music option…what was all the hype about? Was it really that cool…uhmm yes it is pretty cool!

Samsung really made it easy to share images, music or documents.

[inappropriate link removed]

A few things I learned about Group Play

  • The Application is controlled by the “master device” or the device that created the group. This device can skip, rewind pause or stop tracks. It also controls the volume on all devices, or individual devices. It can set up the speakers, left or right, based on where the devices are located. It will also control which image or document is being displayed when in images or document share.
  • When you share images you can draw on them as well, and so can other group members, colors populating in differently for each user.
  • Select and share multiple images or music tracks.
  • You can’t use Group play and the internet at the same time, beacause group play requires the hotspot feature to be enabled.


Side Note: One of the S4’s had no internet connection (nor wifi) and was able to connect to the group and take part in the sharing experience.

               Well I hope you dive in and have a blast…literally!

~Your Product Ambassador Team~


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