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Issues with Google Play in the S4 with the new update?


Issues with Google Play in the S4 with the new update?

My S4 downloaded the lollipop update a few days ago.  I now get a "an application requires an update" message for Google Play services about every 10-15 minutes.  Going to Google Play and no update will download, just cycles for hours.  I know others are having this problem as the Play Store app has been getting hammered with 1 star reviews about this as can't log into gmail, can't update any apps through the google play etc.  Any know fixes or help?  (also have apps that just quit mid use like fb, candy crush etc.  screen just goes white and phone locks up and then goes to the home screen after a bit). Thanks


Re: Issues with Google Play in the S4 with the new update?

I had this pop up briefly as well. Clear your Google Play Services cache and then attempt the update. To clear the cache:

1) Settings

2) More tab

3) Application manager

4) Select "Google Play Services" (icon looks like a puzzle piece)

5) Scroll down to the "Clear Cache" button and press it.

After the cache is cleared, you may have to back out of the screens and open them again for the "Update" button to be available. If it already is, you can just select it, and it should clear everything up.

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