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MMS "Video to large to view on this device" message


MMS "Video to large to view on this device" message

Just upgraded to my S4.  When someone tries to send me a video file via MMS i get a grey picture that says "video file to large to view on this device."  This is a video recorded for MMS from an IPhone and is less than 300K in size.  I NEVER had this problem with my S3.  Pictures and sound recordings come through just fine.  Any ideas?



Thanks for posting. I am sorry that you're getting an error indicating a MMS video is too large to view on your device. Out of curiosity, have you have the user try and send the video to you via e-mail instead of MMS? If not, may you try and see if sending the video via this method changes the outcome of whether or not it plays. In the meantime, I'll continue to research what may be causing this error.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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