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Messaging Plus??


Messaging Plus??

Back in October, Sprint announced the inclusion of Messaging Plus on all devices. I loaded it on my S4. I enabled it and I like the options it has. This past weekend I upgraded my wife's phone to a purple S4 and after the OTAs (MK2) she now has Messaging Plus on her phone as well. With MP, any user defined notification sounds are ignored. Also,both the stock messaging app and MP receive all messages. I have tried disabling MP, but that doesn't work for the notification sounds, nor turn off the app. Is there another place to toggle between the 2?  Or, can the stock messenger be disabled/frozen? If so, will MP work like the stock version? My phone is rooted, I know that I can control my configuration. My wife's phone will be left stock.


Re: Messaging Plus??


Thanks for posting. I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. I understand this concerns was posted on 12/18/2013 and I am following up with you to determine if you're still facing this issue. Please keep us posted.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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