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Picture Message sending issue


Picture Message sending issue


At home I can send pictures messages just fine.  When i drive to work and send them from there...the phone acts like it needs to connect to Wifi to send the message.  I tried taking a picture and sending it last night and it just fails...but i noticed it trying to connect to wifi...which obviously isn't available at my job.  I have network access 3G/4G...I can send normal text messages just fine.  The file isn't too big...I tried the troubleshooting steps of updating the data profile...even when i was at home...I shut down my wifi so it wasn't available to see how the phone would react and it sent it fine anyway...Any ideas why it would be doing this? 


When you setup the phone in the begining, you actually have to select something that allows the phone to use the WiFi connection whenever there is one available.

You can still disable that under settings. If your phone detects a WiFi connection is gonna drop the 3G. You need to do the same thing that you do home at work, shut down the WiFi, and you should be ok.

I hope this helps...

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pic mail is sent via 3G/4G only...not wifi...the wifi deal is probably just telling you that there is a connection somewhere available..turn off your notifications and you wont see will only pull up your wifi when youre at a known location that the phone already has stored..odds are there are data issues with the towers around you your zip code and the cross streets of where you see these problems the most.

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