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Reboot issue after update


Reboot issue after update

I got the latest samsung/android update early this morning and ran it. While at home this mornign it worked fine. Once i left my home to run an errand the phone began freezing, and rebooting over and over again until I got back home. I could not make a call, i could not get the phone to turn off, open any apps, it would freeze each time it rebooted and then it would reboot. I got home and it worked fine. Had to run out againa nd the same problem happened. When I returned home i troubleshot it. Turns out that if the wifi is OFF the phone will freeze and reboot, if the wifi is on, then it works fine. This just started after the update.

How do i uninstall the update???


Re: Reboot issue after update


I can certainly understand the frustration this has caused.  What device do you have?  Software updates can't be reversed. Remove the battery (if removable) and see if that helps. If not a removable battery, try a soft reset. If this doesn't fix the issue, what I'm going to suggest is to take the phone to a Sprint corporate service and repair center and have them run a diagnostic on the phone.  If the issue stems from the software update and your phone is under warranty and the issue can't be fixed your phone can get replaced (no fee with Total Equipment Protection, $50 service fee if no insurance but can be avoided if you go through manufacturer altogether).  To find the nearest corporate service center:

If you have additional questions or concerns please let me know.  Keep me updated.


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