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Ringer is silent. Why?


Ringer is silent. Why?

When I recieve a call, the ringer is silent. Even when I can see the phone light up and indicate an incoming call, the ringer will often sound for a fraction of a second, and then go silent. Usually, it's just completely silent, resulting in missed calls. Also, laterly, the phone has been "ignoring" callers, and then showing a "missed call" notification and maybe a voicemail notification, after no ring tone or "incoming call" screen. What's going on?

Yes, I have the ringer volume up.

No, I'm not using a special volume control app.

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Re: Ringer is silent. Why?

phowardd - We would be happy to look into this for you. Did this start after an app was recently downloaded and installed? Have you had a chance to take the device into a repair center? To locate one near you, please visit - Crystal G
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