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S4 Wifi/Bluetooth issue


S4 Wifi/Bluetooth issue

Hello - A while back I started having problems with my S4 connecting to Wifi AND Bluetooth.  Best I can recall is no upgrade or anything like that may have caused it.  From what I can remember it just happened one day.

I can turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth.  If I had a previous SSID in the list, it would simply tell me that the SSID was "not in range."  Even if I was standing right under it.  Same thing with the Bluetooth.  I had a device in there before but now it does not pair.  If I turn on the Bluetooth and/or WiFi and do a scan, neither will pick up any device any longer.  I also have a Galaxy Note 3 and it works fine.  My girlfriend has the exact same phone I do and hers also picks up the SSID or Bluetooth device just fine when mine does not.  Both phones are on Android version 4.4.2. 

I have done all of these:

1. re-boot the phone

2. remove the battery for 30 seconds or more and re-start

3. did a factory wipe.

None of the above have resolved the issue.  Any ideas from anyone?  Bad phone?  Maybe it's something real simple I'm over looking?  Thanks in advance!



Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.  I've spoke with our device experts and they suggested a factory reset, which you've already completed.  The next suggestion is to visit a service and repair store to have a technician check out the phone.  You can find a local store by visiting and selecting repair in the services search field.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.


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