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S4? Will it have the S3 - Screen Edge Zoom Slider Zoomer In/Out Edger Whatchamacallit Thingy that Samsung gave us without anyone knowing, then took away, because??


S4? Will it have the S3 - Screen Edge Zoom Slider Zoomer In/Out Edger Whatchamacallit Thingy that Samsung gave us without anyone knowing, then took away, because??

Will Samsung Product Managers learn from their error in including a feature on the S3 that was undocumented, "Screen Edge Zoom" (we'll call it that, since being undocumented, we don't even know what its name is), then removed in the most recent update? I have to tap "later" on my phone, roughly 50 times a day to keep my phone from updating and wiping out the feature.

I too thought it was a bug, until I finally realized if I scroll down an email message in the middle of the screen, the content moves down (up - technically) but if I scroll at the edge of the screen, it causes the screen to zoom in, slide your finger scroll up, or zoom out, it was not a bug, it is a feature.

Once I figured this is a feature and not a bug, I find I use it all day, every day in email and on web pages (that don't treat me like a child, preventing me from zooming)

I've contacted Samsung, telling them I am refusing the update until I can get an answer from them as to why their amateur Product Management would be so stupid as to remove the feature, rather than Document it, (like in the manual or on their website) and add a switch in settings to disable it for those who haven't yet figured out that they are working on a phone, not a PC where they expect there to be a "scroll bar" slider on the edge of the screen.

Tapping "Later" obviously will get old soon, and I'll eventually be forced to "Root" my phone, to turn off the stupid OTA. I've contacted Samsung and Sprint and neither can tell me how to disable it.

They are so dis-organized, they didn't even inform their Chat Tech Support of the feature (in my 3 chat sessions with them, they denied it existed, telling me it was likely a 3rd Party App that I installed). I had to demand that they get a "Demo" Phone to see for themselves it actually did exist.

The guy admitted to me he was unaware of it and actually also admitted to telling a user who was complaining of a "bug" that caused the screen to zoom in and out, randomly, to do a factory reset on the phone.

So my quetion is this, will Samsung learn from their amateur resolution to an undocumented feature on the S3 by adding a switch on the S4 for the very useful feature for those of us who use our phone with one hand, 90% of the time?

They did similar things (added toggles/ user configurable settings) when I went from the S2 to the S3 that I found to be obviously a result of collecting data on user preferences for/against features.

This one on the "Flagship" S3, nah, they just dumped it. Morons.


What about "Double Tap Slide Zoom?"

As was pointed out to me on another posting on here, we already have another Slide Zoom feature, in Google Maps. But in this case it is Double Tap Slide Zoom, rather than Screen Edge Slide Zoom.

So, here are recomendations Samsung:

Make your products/user interfaces consistent.

If you want to do away with Screen Edge Slide Zoom, fine, but don't remove it from one phone Galaxy S3 while leaving it on another Note II, WITHOUT replacing it with something.

Since you already have "Double Tap Slide Zoom" (and although I have not tested to see if the Note II has it, I assume it does) and since the S3 retained this ability to zoom holding the phone with one hand, and zoom with just one finger (it takes two hands - to hold the phone, and two fingers to "Pinch to Zoom" therefore Pinch to Zoom is inferior to either Screen Edge Slide Zoom or Double Tap Slide Zoom) then make Double Tap Slide Zoom the standard in the Browser, in Email, in Gallery and of course in Maps.

At least make this consistent among your "flagship" products, the S3, Note II and forthcoming S4.

And PLEASE PUT IT IN THE MANUAL, TELL YOUR CHAT "TECH SUPPORT" PEOPLE ABOUT IT - SINCE THEY STILL (as of this morning) DENY IT EVEN EXISTS ON EITHER THE S3 or NOTEII) and add some tips that users can tap (don't show this again to)

Got it?


Nothing from Samsung on this, the link below is a big reason why people should NOT support Samsung by buying the S4. XDA has a solution for their Edge Zoom debacle.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO regard/respect for Samsung, in terms of their communication with customers. They are pitiful and are becoming more and more smug. They need to be toppled.

"Because I love this feature, I port it to every new rom that comes out. It was originally from loserskater. This is slide zoom or edge zoom whichever you prefer, created for Sprint stock touchwiz deodex 4.1.2 MD4 only. It may work for others but i havent tested that at all. Remember to do a backup first."

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