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Samsung Galaxy S4 issues


Samsung Galaxy S4 issues

I Go an entire day and then all of a sudden I get a ton of emails and notices, but all my indicators are showing strong signal etc... Went through Sprint Zone and did all of that.  I am a 14 year customer and I did all the soft and hard resets and prl updates Etc... Nothing works and my GPS doesn't function correctly.  I've called in complained in a nice way and done everything possible short of asking fora better phone (this is my second Galaxy S4 after the S3) so I mean a new better phone would be expected especially spending over $3000/year for as long as I have.  I love Sprint but I am so disappointed they haven't addressed my concerns. To their credit they did give me a small credit ($30) for the inconvenience of my phone basically working 30% of the time on a good day.


Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 issues

Dear ugatreydawg,

Thank you for your post and for being a long time customer. Is your S4 device enabled for SPARK?

Sprint Social Care Team
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