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Samsung S4 Performs Daily Reboot Loop


Samsung S4 Performs Daily Reboot Loop

Recently, every day late in the afternoon or early evening, my S4 will stop whatever it is doing whether that is absolutely nothing, reading me an Audible book, or providing directions and will reboot itself over and over and over. The most I have let it go without intervening is 5 times before I'll pull the battery and try to get it to stop. Typically, even after pulling the battery and waiting a minute or two, then it will start the cycle again--especially if I'm plugged into power at the time. One night last week while I was at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, I could NOT get my phone to fully boot back into functional mode for love nor money. I finally pulled the batter and threw the whole thing in my purse for an hour or so before I tried booting it up again.

Another thing that may or may not be related - earlier in the afternoon I may pickup my phone and try to do something and be told I have no network connectivity. I look into the settings and find that Mobile data is unchecked. I do use a profile application, but none of my profiles ever make a change to the mobile data setting and none of them are triggered at that time of day.

I would love to be able to solve the reboot loop issue WITHOUT having to perform a hard reset of my phone. Any suggestions??

Mary Dell


Dellface, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The activities that you've described in your email isn't normal and it brings me to the conclusion of it being a potential software issue. You've mentioned that you have visited a repair center in Kansas, have any of the technicians that was present at the time performed a diagnostic on your phone? If so, what was the results? Let me know, I definitely want to help. - Nijan
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