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Super High Pings


Super High Pings

For the past week, I have been having super high pings on the 4G LTE network. I normally get 50-60, but this week I have been getting 128+. While my data speeds are very high (5-40Mbps depending on where I am), my ping stays super high, which also causes a delay (LAG) when I try to do anything on the internet (Browse the web, stream music, etc etc). Below is some information: 

What I have tried: Updates (PRL, Profile, Firmware, Device (Android)), reboots

Phone: Galaxy S4 (White edition)

PRL Number: 55016 it

When it started: Around Thursday (the 21st), just shortly after the Android update (updated to 4.3)

Zipcode: 30566 and 30504 (My home and work. High pings in both) of

Time of day: All times

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