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Unable to set up Comcast email on G4


Unable to set up Comcast email on G4

I am unable to set up my comcast email to the email program that came with my phone.  I originally had to working fine but starting yesterday about 12 it stopped working and kept saying my password was incorrect.  I cant get it to authenticate at all now and go past incoming settings.  Help


Re: Unable to set up Comcast email on G4


Thank you for the post.  The first thing that I would do is see if your data is functioning as it should.  Quite simply make sure that you are able to open up web pages quickly and browse between sites.  I would also ensure that Comcast is not having any issues with their email server.

You said that your device is a G4.  Are you referring to a Galaxy S4 or possibly the G2 by LG?  Also, what zip code are you in?

Thank You,

Sprint Social Care Team

Michael C.

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