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help me! invalid ID pack


Re: help me! invalid ID pack

It started working for me, too, around the same time ... I just had no way to respond.

This issue cost me about 10-12 hours of time ... between exchanging phones ... talking with tech support ... driving back and forth to the original retail and Sprint repair store.  I had the Sprint repair store accusing me of rooting my phones, accusing the original retailer of selling used phones, etc. just because this was something they had never seen before.

And what does Sprint give me?  All of a $15 service credit.  Not even enough to cover the activation fee for the device.  An activation, which, obviously, did not work correctly because of the ID pack issue.


Re: help me! invalid ID pack

jadenbastian08 and everyone,

Thanks for posting in regards to this issue! This error sounds like an annoyance! Is anyone else still experiencing the problem? There is a way to turn Sprint ID off. For those that would like to know how to do that, here are the steps:

  • Home Screen
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • More Tab
  • Application Manager
  • Swipe your finger all the way to the right until you see "all"
  • Scroll down and look for Sprint ID and click it.
  • Select Turn off

That will disable the service and use the stock Samsung experience. If anyone is still having a problem. Please let me know.



Sprint Social Care Team


Re: help me! invalid ID pack

It has started working for me a few days ago. It downloaded and was fine. It did not give me the error. I guess that application has been fixed.


Re: help me! invalid ID pack,

I just wanted to follow up to make sure everything is still working ok. Please let us know we are here to assist.

Thank you,


Social Care Team

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