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invalid id pack won't install


invalid id pack won't install

Wife's S4 Same thing


Re: invalid id pack won't install

Galaxy S4 - sprint   updated to 4.3

getting the same annoying error

Ivalid ID pack. tries to download but it wont.


Re: invalid id pack won't install

How I fixed the issue: warning it hijacked my phone, removed all my icons and put them all back to default as if the phone was new. While the phone is on and on the home screen and wifi off, pull the battery. Wait 20 seconds and reinsert and boot. Don't stop/start/do anything. Mine downloaded and installed after about 30 seconds.

Back story:

I Got my gs4 yesterday, and got this message immediately after theSamsung tech did the update via his PC. I asked him what it is and he told me it was sprint hijacking the phone and putting their forced apps on the phone. I figured I was better of without them so I ignored it. That's when the id fail popup started every 2 minutes. Popup issue is now resolved but have to spend an hour redoing everything I did last night.

Hope this helps


Re: invalid id pack won't install


I think you are right.

I fell asleep during my lunch hour and when i woke up. my phone had reset itself and new Sprint apps were showing up on my screen

never saw the ID pack error.

So its gotta be sprint hijacking the phone. must have been successful. although i was able to delete some of the ones they pushed to my phone

1weather, bacon news, sprint music , scout and others.. i was able to uninstall them fairly easy just with regular uninstall setting.

Since 11:30 am  I have not seen the invalid ID pack anymore. i have restarted the phone twice.

and looks like we are good to go.


Re: invalid id pack won't install


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