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s4 mini / SPH-L520: swap SIM card?


s4 mini / SPH-L520: swap SIM card?


I noticed that the S4 mini has a SIM card that can be swapped.  And I noticed that the Sprint accounts web page lets me find the PIN & PUK code for the s4 mini my daughter has.

But when I look at the specs, it doesn't look like it supports GSM.  It supports the GSM/UMTS frequencies: 800/850/1900 Mhz.  But the Samsung web page for the SPH-L520 shows those frequencies as being dedicated to LTE.  And online chat sessions with Sprint has said essentially the same thing; that the phone isn't a world phone.

In which case, why is the SIM card swappable?  And why is Sprint offering to give me the PIN & PUK code for this phone?




Thank you for reaching out to us I’ll be happy to help. You are correct the S4 min dose have a SIM card. The purpose of the SIM card is for international us only. Sprint is willing to give you the PIN & PUK code to unlock the device for international us. If you area trying to us it on a GSM network Sprint dose not use GSM SIM card. I do apologize for the incontinence this may have caused. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you


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