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S5 Sport & Map My Fitness Go to Football Practice


For the last 7 years I have been coaching Junior Football, and every season I drop 5-10 pounds without even trying. I always wear my FitBit to track my steps, but this season I decided to kick it up a notch. So with our local football season kicking off I decided that my Samsung S5 Sport with Map My Fitness MVP would be a fun addition to take on to the field and track my activity during practice. The results were fun to see and with Live Tracking (a feature of MVP - did I mention that you get this free for 12 months with Samsung S5 Sport*?) your friends can see all the activity live and after the fact. I don't think it will win any contest for cool picture, but watching the Live Tracker replay was humorous. What I thought was really great is I kept my S5 Sport in my pocket and despite a couple of bumps while holding bags during blocking drills and getting dowsed with water by some of my players after practice, it kept kicking & tracking. Most other devices I would never do this, for fear of it getting dinged up. For my next football experiment I may have to strap the S5 Sport to a player, with a bluetooth heart monitor and track their movement/heartrate during practice or even get some action video...Hmmm. So get out, get moving and get your sport on with the Samsung S5 Sport with Map My Fitness.

Check out the live tracker at:

Once you get there click on the icon that looks like the Play button.


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